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You are Better When You are Creating

Todd Schnick
Jan 8th, 2015
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    1Creativity forces you to synthesize what you know. 2Verbalizing your message educates your market. 3Selling is all about stories, so tell them well.
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I often think my clients believe I am totally nuts.

I spend half of my coaching calls pushing them to create. Create content and get it out to the world.


Well, to educate your market for one thing (I mean, if you don’t understand this concept, well, you’ve got bigger problems).

After all, sales is about educating your market, and there aren’t many better ways to do that than to create videos, podcasts, and the written word to help them achieve an understanding of how you or your product can help them.

But it’s not just about sales. It is so much more than that.

The act of creating makes you a better person. A better business person, sure, but I mean that the simple process of creating makes you a better person.

1. Creating makes you think. We don’t think enough. We don’t sit down and really drill down into solving a problem or formulating a new idea. We are conscious when we are awake, but that doesn’t mean we are really thinking.

2. Creating makes you process better. Yeah, we consume a lot of information, but too many of us never actually do anything with the information we are pouring into our head. Creating makes you take what you are learning, and apply it to something you care about.

3. Creating makes you tell a story. Humans are at their best when they are telling, and learning from stories. The mere act of creating is storytelling, whether you are doing a product demo, or painting a landscape. It’s all storytelling.

4. Creating makes you hone your message. You may have an idea, but it’s probably loose, and unformed. Writing about it, articulating it on a podcast, or writing a song about it, makes you tighten up the message, makes the story better. As they say, art is never finished.

5. Creating makes you more interesting. When you are putting your art into the world, you have things to talk about, something to say, and point-of-view that you can now argue and debate.

6. Creating makes you open your eyes. What I mean is, once you start creating, it feeds upon itself. When one through five above start having their positive impact on you, you want more. You crave more. And this opens your mind. And no question, an open mind makes for a better you.

So yes, this isn’t just about making you a better sales and marketing operative. The process of creating certainly achieves that.

But this is about so much more. The act of creating makes you better.

This article was written by Todd Schnick and published on Selling Fearlessly.

Todd Schnick is a writer, speaker, marketing strategist, and radio-show host and producer.

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