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Writing Consistent Content for Your Business Blog

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Oct 28th, 2015
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    1Use mind maps to plan posts. 2Get inspiration from current events. 3It doesn't have to be complex, as long as it's useful.
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Blog writing takes a lot of hard work and dedication. As a startup business, it’s recommended to get your blog started by outsourcing through a content development agency.

The main reason is that professional content strategists understand the algorithm of how, when and what to post for maximum visibility. Agencies can often help get you set up and running so you can then take the reins.

If outsourcing isn’t within your budget, we’ve put together four basic rules to get your blog started:

1. Choose blog titles that encompass multiple thoughts

You won’t have much to write about if your blog is titled “The #1 Reason to Use Inbound Marketing .“ If you create a broader topic, you’ll have open fields for streaming thoughts to fall under it.

2. Mind map out everything you’d like to talk about

There are free online services that can help you with this such as MindMup. Just spending the little extra time it takes to pre-plan your blogs will make it a concise and tightly worded article.

3. Use current events and news as your blog topic

If you’re having trouble getting your creative juices flowing, look for a recent article or story that would interest your readers and target audiences and comment on that.

4. Keep your blogs simple and clear…

You don’t need to show off your highly technical skills by discussing the high tech specifications of the New Apple iWatch to be interesting.

Pick a simple feature about something basic that is impressively useful. Perhaps it’s a solution to an everyday problem. Sometimes it’s the small things that are most appreciated.

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