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Wireless Charging for Smartphones—it Makes all the Difference

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Jan 27th, 2015
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    1Wireless charging eliminates cords and fuss. 2Charging is slower, but effortless. 3More devices expected to integrate wireless charging.
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We’re used to charging our cell phones with cute little cables connected to a USB port; it seems quite easy. So why switch to wireless charging?

According to Ewen Spence in his article on, the difference is huge. Based on his experience, Spence says that wireless charging is easier and less frustrating than finding the right cord, outlet and parking your phone while connected to the power source.

“Frankly, I find wireless charging is far better than using microUSB…the difference in comfort, speed, and usability is like night and day.”

Wireless charging seems “simply magical”—here’s the science behind it.

What is wireless charging? Here’s how it works: when you set your device down periodically during the day, you just place it on a flat charging pad and while it is in contact with the pad, it is being charged.

“Wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Coils of wire in the base station (the charging plate) create a magnetic field as the current passes through. This field can induce an electrical current in an adjacent coil of wire without actually touching it. If this wire is part of a battery charging circuit, then you have wireless charging,” Spence explains.

Wireless charging takes longer to charge than a direct cable connection does—it’s only 60% – 70% as efficient. Spence says this slight downside is well worth the tradeoff, however.

Where is wireless charging available?

Qi is the current market leader in creating wireless charging hardware. Nokia and Motorola are two of the smartphone manufacturers that have begun creating phones that feature Qi charging capability.

Moving forward, Spence foresees healthy competition between wireless charging hardware providers. So keep your eyes on this rapidly growing technology—there is much more to come.

Spence is bursting with enthusiasm about wireless charging. “Why? Because it simply is magical. Just put your hardware down and when you need it, pick it up and it’s fully charged,” he concludes.

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