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Why Website Security is so Important

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Jul 24th, 2015
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    1Websites are constantly under attack from hackers. 2With enough time, any system is breachable. 3Added security is worth it.
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If your company’s website is targeted by a hacker, you are marked for ongoing, relentless attempts. It is likely that a hacker will attempt to access your website at least three times daily, every single day. To further illustrate, Facebook has reported that over 600,000 hacking attempts are made to their site every 24-hours.

E-Marketer estimated that that almost $260 billion dollars of US retail ecommerce sales were accounted for in 2013. With that high volume of cash transferring across the web, it should come as no surprise that websites are constantly under attack from hackers.

Security breaches can decimate a company when customers’ private information (including name, address, phone number, credit card information, routing numbers or social security numbers) are compromised.

When information is leaked or illegally obtained, it is usually the company who holds the data that is held accountable for any financial damages. Additionally your reputation and credibility as a business can be shot with one big security breach.

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Hackers are constantly evolving in their efforts and techniques for security breaches. At the end of 2014, Sony Pictures Entertainment faced an enormously public – and embarrassing – hack of their system information of up to 14,000 employees and big names in the industry.

They were also held hostage in what is now being called “cyber terrorism” for demands and threats made towards the company in order to prevent future leaks or harm.

This case just goes to show that even the biggest companies who have the best security methods are at risk in the world of hacking, which is getting smarter by the minute.

An average hacker will tell you that with enough time, any system is breachable. Using a multi-faceted approach to protection your company’s site and information can decrease your chances of something incredibly severe.

For businesses that operate financial transactions, it’s always strongly recommended to use private servers instead of shared servers.

Being proactive is noted as being the #1 way to avoid unwanted security breaches against your company and customers. If you’re looking at some upfront costs for added security, remember that the cost to be secure is much less than the cost it would take to clean up after a potential crisis. Don’t believe us? Someone at Sony Pictures will tell you otherwise. ☺

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