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Video Content is Taking Over—Get Onboard

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Jan 21st, 2015
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    1Digital video is irresistible online. 2"Show and tell" is more powerful than just "tell". 3Video inherently encourages social sharing.
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Regularly sharing content that consumers want and need has proven to be a great inbound strategy for getting new clients and maintaining the ones you already have.

In the article “This is the Secret to Improved Social Selling” published on, Michael Litt states that “content has become the currency of the modern sales professional.”

Evolution of content

In the past few years, offering free information online has become standard as an extremely effective way of establishing credibility, goodwill and interest in your products or services.

Litt points out in his article that “It’s important to recognize that people don’t want to be sold to, they want to be educated. Furthermore, if you personalize your content, your prospects are that much more likely to respond to you.”

Content marketing began in written form and has evolved in tandem with advances in mobile technology and accessibility to devices. The manner of consumption of information has shifted as a result, and the preferred format of receiving information is currently short form video.

Why video has taken over

Woman Holds Ipad With Twitter On Screen“Needless to say, its addictive power makes the play button an incredible tool,” the author writes. Video lends itself well to a no-pressure situation that is unlike a typical sales interaction, but just as informative. “The buyer already knows they have a problem, they just don’t want to be sold to in trying to find a solution,” he says.

Litt says it’s incredibly simple and cost-effective to put together a homemade video on your webcam or smartphone that can get you in front of your target market, connecting and sharing authentically.

“From helpful how-to content, to educational recorded webinar videos, to high-level or fun pieces, videos are quick to consume, and help you ‘show and tell’ extremely effectively,” Litt continues.

Also, you can track which videos your audience is watching, in order to fine-tune content for them that they are likely to enjoy.

Personalized video content shows your prospect you’ll go the extra mile, and the viewership data you receive for your efforts is often fuel for strengthening your connection with your prospect,” Litt says.

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