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Why You Should Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

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Feb 16th, 2015
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    1This medium has a very personalized character. 2Instagram is ideal for influence marketing. 3The user data proves useful.
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Instagram is a fascinating social media platform. The uniquely visual online community is known for largely appealing to millennials over other demographic groups, and it boasts the most “humanized” content on the web.

An article on Entrepreneur by Justin Rezvani shares three strategies to make use of Instagram in your advertising efforts.

1. Humanize your brand.

“The human factor has become essential,” Rezvani says. The success of Instagram is on trend with the increasing emphasis on user experience and personalization in marketing.

Instagram succeeds in “humanizing” content by communicating through photos and videos, not text.

2. Leverage the power of “targeted influencers.”

Rezvani says that the Instagram community is particularly responsive to influencer marketing. In this approach, members receive advertising messages from people they can personally relate with.

“The best way to reach users with these needs is to generate content by like-minded individuals who understand the space,” the author explains.

3. Utilize the analytics.

Although it is a simple platform, Rezvani says that the user data Instagram provides can be invaluable in determining the ROI of your marketing efforts.

“The three core elements of driving Instagram success for brands are humanizing the content, utilizing influencers and gaining powerful analytics. As brands grow in their understanding for these three invaluable elements, so will their social value and long-term growth,” Rezvani concludes.

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