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Twitter and Stripe might launch ‘buy’ button this year, so you can shop from tweets

Elyse Betters
Jan 2nd, 2015
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    1Users would be able to "buy" within a tweet. 2Vast possibilities for integration with entertainment. 3The idea could come to fruition before the holidays.
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Twitter has been working with Stripe to kick off an ecommerce initiative, it’s claimed.

Now that Twitter is a public company, it has to increase revenue and keep shareholders happy. That said, ever since last winter, reports have claimed the company is thinking about tackling ecommerce. More specifically, Twitter wants to let users purchase products directly from tweets.

Twitter was apparently close to signing a deal with payments startup Stripe in January. It now appears a deal between the two companies has finally been struck, according to tech news blog Recode. Atlhough the report gave no specifics, it claimed plans have progressed significantly, and that the ability to let users make purchases from a tweet is “nearing”.

In fact, Twitter is expected to unveil buttons within tweets that say “Buy”. Upon clicking these buttons, users will be able to enter payment and shipping information. The key is that they could shop through Twitter, all without ever needing to leave the service. Many brands, retailers, and businessed have already signed up through Stripe to sell products or services, Recode said.

It isn’t yet clear if Twitter plans to work with payment companies apart from Stripe in the future, but Recode claimed that Twitter’s buy buttons should officially launch sometime this holiday season. If indeed true, the potential e-commerce possibilities are endless.

Twitter, for instance, could use its ecommerce initiative to push both physical and digital products, as well as explore tie-ins with TV shows, concerts, and more.

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