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‘Touchfoil tech will change the way we shop’

Dominic Sacco
Jan 6th, 2015
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    1Touch-screen windows bring hi-tech to physical stores. 2Interface allows stores to be accessible 24/7. 3New technology "will change the way we shop – forever.”
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Girl touching large outdoor touchscreen.

A new type of touch-screen technology – Touchfoil – will ‘change the face of the High Street’ according to distributor Midwich.

Touchfoil is a clear, large format projected ‘capacitance film’ that can be laminated onto the inside of a shop window but controlled by the user on the outside, like a touch-screen.

Developer Visualplanet promises the interactive touch sensor technology can deliver touch capabilities to any non-metallic surface, allowing retailers to create customised interactive shopping experiences, or advertisers to create interactive ads.

Touchfoil will be shown off at Midwich’s Technology Exposed event at Ascot Racecourse from September 17th to 18th – it will exhibit a digital shop front, featuring a ‘rear projection, through window 80-inch two-touch Touchfoil’.

Vernon Spencer, founder and MD of Visualplanet, said: “The concept is ideal for retail through-window applications as the latest installations combine the immediacy of online browsing with the theatre of a physical retail space for a truly unique customer experience.

“When combined with the right software, users can view live stock information, leave their details, obtain information via SMS, download details to a smartphone… the opportunities are endless. Not only does this model allow retailers to extend their customer offering, expand brand presence and maximise the commercial and visual impact of their window spaces – but it also provides unprecedented access to existing customers and new audiences.”

“The increasing adoption of touch-enabled windows and retail spaces will change the way we shop – forever.”

Phil Waterhouse, area sales manager for Midwich, added: “This latest technology is set to change the face of the High Street as we know it. Giving retailers a 24/7 presence, it has a wide range of applications from car showrooms and estate agents to shoe shops and boutiques.”

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