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Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Website

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Aug 11th, 2015
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    1All websites should connect to social now. 2Good websites lend credibility. 3Stay on top of lead conversion and SEO changes.
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Even if you’re the best at what you do, if you don’t have a decent website, your business is basically invisible. Having a weak or non-existent web presence is a sure way to avoid customers.

An outdated, slow or complex website may be slightly better than nothing, but if visiting you online is an unpleasant experience, it can be a deterrent to new business, telling potential customers that your business is stale.

Here are four reasons that you should absolutely get that website updated now.

  1. Link Your Site with Social Media

These days, every business should be using a 360-degree approach for their customers’ online experience. Social media should be an integral part that drives previous and future customers to your website.

Make sure you are integrating your website with all of the various social media platforms.

  1. More Professional Feel

With more and more companies represented on the internet, it is more important than ever to give your company the credibility that it deserves.

Websites with professional designs, excellent content and optimal conversion funnels are the ones that are succeeding.

If you’ve got great capabilities and experience, you may be losing out to amateurs who are representing themselves better.

  1. Low Conversion

People are likely going to your website to find out more information about your company or to go ahead and make a purchase.

If your website is not directly tied to any sales, you are doing something wrong. Use Google Analytics to determine user flow and how much time people are spending on your website or when and where they drop off.

You can engage in many different testing tactics to optimize each of the individual metrics.

  1. Ongoing SEO

It’s called optimization for a reason and its algorithm is ever-changing.

Methods and techniques that worked a few weeks ago likely could no longer be the most efficient – or even work at all.

Stay on top of the latest developments in SEO to ensure your efforts are actually increasing your website’s search-ability.

Need more convincing?

Other important reasons to upgrade? Security, mobile capability, performance and more!


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