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Tips to Manage Angry Complaints on Social Media

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Jan 19th, 2015
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    1Always respond promptly online. 2Take the truly outraged offline for direct resolution. 3A caring and professional response will be a boost for your brand.
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There’s an old, wise saying that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. To add to that ancient wisdom, even when most of the people are pleased, with social media, it is inevitable that some of the people who are not pleased will take to your social media page to loudly complain.

How you handle these public complaints is visible to all of your other customers, and potential new customers. In an article by Peter Roesler published on, he gives four tips for rising to the occasion and managing this common situation.

1. Respond to all complaints made on your social media channels.

Roesler says that ignoring “negativity” on your page sends a poor message to the public. It makes you look cold and indifferent. On the other hand, responding and most importantly offering a solution is a great way to publicly give your brand an image boost.

2. Decide which posts to handle offline

If a complaint is already showing red flags of rage or verbal abuse, then instead of exposing everyone on your social media to potential displays of incivility, you definitely want to move the exchange out of the public eye.

“This can easily be done by acknowledging the original comment and giving the person a number or email they can contact for further resolution.

The situation can be handled offline and the comment can be removed from the page,” he says.

3. Resist the temptation to hit delete!

Deleting may temporarily make the situation disappear, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. In fact, sweeping angry complaints under the rug only aggravates the customer, who will look for other ways to do even more damage to your reputation.

To find examples of this, just look up your favorite business on Yelp; you can usually find one horribly scathing review out of 100 of the positive ones.

4. Respond promptly.

Roesler’s final tip is, don’t make an outraged customer wait when they are at their wit’s end. It’s hard to buy time to respond on social media, when your activity and presence on the site are clearly visible to all, so if you haven’t taken time to respond to a complaint, but you’ve taken the time to post a cheery status update, that sends a dismissive message to the customer.

“This is one area where businesses are notoriously bad at. According to several studies, the majority of social media complaints aren’t handled in a timely fashion,” Roesler explains.


To make a long story short, Roesler admits that yes customers get out of control with their anger online and can sometimes come across as much less civil than they would be in person, but if you can proactively and professionally manage those complaints with care, you can turn a negative situation into a positive for your brand.

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