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Does Your Partner Help or Hinder your Career Success?

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Jan 23rd, 2015
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    1Sharing household duties lightens the load. 2If things feel imbalanced, calmly express your needs. 3Reciprocal giving becomes automatic.
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How important is your partner’s support in helping you achieve you career goals? Gail Saltz MD says that “people who have a conscientious spouse are more likely to have success in their careers than people with less attentive partners.”

In her article, The Surprising Way Your Partner Affects Your Career Success, Saltz refers to a recent five-year study from Washington University in St. Louis of 5,000 married people. The study found that both men and women who had successful and rewarding careers had spouses who “scored high for conscientiousness.”

The Washington University study shows that attentive spouses offer support in several key areas:

• They help with daily chores. Successful people usually have support with household responsibilities. Their spouses, regardless of gender, help with the mundane tasks, such as: running errands, grocery shopping, and childcare.

• They’re a steady positive influence. The spouses of successful people have traits such as diligence and reliability. Those habits tend to rub off on those we are close to, and the results show up in our work.

• They support a healthy work-life balance. People with supportive spouses tend to have a more fulfilling personal life, which actually improves performance in the workplace.

How can you enlist your partner’s support?

If your partner isn’t stepping up to the plate, Saltz advises you to “tell your partner how it makes you feel when he does more stuff around the house or with the kids, and tell him how it feels when he doesn’t—and how it feels like all of it is on you.”

Don’t forget the positive reinforcement!

Saltz reminds you to offer positive reinforcement. When your partner is being supportive, don’t hold back the praise and recognition. Affection and praise go a long way to building team support.

You and your partner should become team players.

A powerful partnership helps you both become winners in the game of workplace success.

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