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Affordable Finance Dashboards for Small Businesses

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Jan 22nd, 2015
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    1Most dashboards offer a free version. 2They pull your data, organize it and sort it. 3They're great for generating reports and tracking goals.
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Finance Software

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Technology has made it easier than ever to be an entrepreneur on a shoestring. Cloud based accounting software can now take the place once held by a costly financial expert managing your books.

Catherine Clifford, a staff writer for, came up with a handy list of three useful finance dashboards to fit any budget.

1. inDinero was launched in 2010. It saves you the burden of data entry by automatically pulling all your financial activity from your various accounts, organizing it and sorting it into categories. It can even produce reports for you.

This dashboard has versions ranging from free to $50/mo.

2. BodeTree was launched in 2011. It is for businesses that already use QuickBooks, as it is exclusively compatible with QuickBooks.

This dashboard shows you how your company’s numbers stand among your competitors, and “perhaps most uniquely, BodeTree calculates and updates, in real-time, an estimation of your company’s worth.

You can watch the value of your business fluctuate, much the way that publically traded companies watch the value of their stock move,” Clifford describes.

The cost is about $25/mo.

3. Corelytics has been around since 2005. It “imports your financial information from several accounting software programs, including QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, MYOB, and others,” Clifford writes.

Like BodeTree, it compares you with your competition, but it is also helpful for tailored goal setting on metrics you want to monitor.

This dashboard is available in a range of versions from free to $70/mo. with a one-time set up fee.

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