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Which Social Media Platform is Right For Your Business?

Samuel King
Jan 16th, 2015
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    1First research your intended audience. 2Each business benefits from a different mix. 3Figure out which ones you should get on vs. skip.
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Social Media

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Once you get your business online it can seem a little daunting to get started in social media. A popular question business owners ask is, “Which social media platforms should my company be active on?” Many business owners answer this question by just signing up for every social media platform they can find but this is just a good way of overwhelming yourself. Begin by joining a couple sites where you think your target audience would visit often. Here are some quick tips to get your started.

1. Twitter

As one of the top social media platforms Twitter is a great option for those wanting to get a message out to a huge audience quickly. Twitter is one of the quickest ways to get your message seen by both your followers and non-followers. Along with being able to reach non-followers you can easily make new connections with other users based on their interests. You can tweet messages to your followers directly and as a status update for all to see. With the newly released Twitter ads platform Twitter  is becoming a must-have for every business serious about social media marketing.


Tweets have a very short shelf life especially if you send them at a very busy time.
It’s very hard to track your conversions and how many people are interacting with your business’ Twitter page

2. Google Plus (Google+) 

While it is not as popular as other social networks its popularity is steadily increasing every year. It is great for marketing because you can put people or businesses into different circles. A great “plus” for Google Plus is that since Google owns it your profile automatically gives you have the ability to sync your account with Gmail, Youtube and most other Google products. To get the most out of this social network you should invest your time heavily with Google Plus communities. 


There’s a smaller number of users than other social media platforms.
At this time there’s no real way to promote your business through ads.

3. Instagram

With the highest number of user growth out of any social media platform over the past few years Instagram is great for those who have a lot of good images they want to use or short videos they want to upload. Many businesses use Instagram to show “behind the scene” shots of the people who work on developing each product or service making it perfect for companies whose niche is fashion, food or anything where they will be using lots of imagery and photos.


It is very hard to drive traffic back to your website.

4. Pinterest

Much like a digital scrapbook you can use Pinterest, a photo-based social media platform to share things like pictures, recipes, tutorials and more. It’s great for businesses that deal with fashion, food, or arts and crafts and is an easy way to get your link out there and seen by hundreds of people. Unlike other social media platforms content published on Pinterest has a long lifespan and can show up on users’ feeds months after it was created.


It’s not really a social platform, more like a shared, aggregated content website.
Most of the users are female so if your demographic is men this platform really won’t work for you.

5. Youtube

If you want to use video to promote your business just know that the process can be difficult and expensive but the return on your investment after awhile is more than worth it. Since Google owns Youtube, Youtube videos rank higher than any other information on Google’s search engine, and you can embed videos on your website giving your video double exposure. This is a great platform for any business.


There are huge amounts of content uploaded daily on Youtube so it is very hard to compete and get your videos to rank high and reach a lot of viewers.
Youtube displays ads that have nothing to do with your video.

6. Facebook

The number one social media platform with millions of users logging in on it daily is Facebook. You can use targeted ads and promoted posts to get your business profile page noticed more. It’s a great way to get likes, comments, and shares on the content you publish.


It can take a while to see any results.
Advertising can get quite expensive.

7. LinkedIn

The trusted platform for B2B and B2C networking. Linkedin is geared towards businesses of all sectors and by far the most effective social network for business networking. While it is still playing catch-up with some social networks when it comes to usability features it is still my number one social networking site.


There is not a lot going on there.
Linked Ads not as effective as other social ads.

Remember, every social media platform doesn’t work the same for every business but if you do a little bit of research and think about your target audience you will have no problem determining the best social media platforms for you to use.

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