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How Small Business Operations can Embrace Mobile Technology

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Jan 10th, 2015
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    1Mobile speed is faster than average broadband. 2More and more cloud computing than before. 3Apps allow users to be on the move.
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Every day it seems there are more mobile apps and more evidence of the proliferation of mobile devices. For small businesses, mobile technology is making it possible for companies to work on the go in any environment, with the power of sophisticated tools that can give the illusion that the company is larger and more established than it is.

An article in The Register (UK) written by David Gordon suggests that, “No business can ignore the current trend towards mobile working, even if business users are still trying to figure out what mix of devices and screen sizes might suit them best.”

Part of the explosion of popularity is the accessibility of high speed broadband internet service, making the functionality of mobile apps as smooth as if you were working on a desktop.

The author says, “Many of the apps now available on phones and tablets are not a compromise when compared with the desktop version.”

For example, Gordon writes, “Sage One Accounts and Payroll. This accounting software specially designed for small businesses offers the same levels of functionality on a handheld or a tablet as the desktop product.”

Other recommended work-on-the-go apps:

  • Office 365 for collaboration
  • MozyPro for data backup
  • Zendesk for CRM
  • Credit HQ for credit management

These popular mobile apps enable your business to run from your mobile device as you ride on a train, wait in the lobby of a bank or sit in your parked car preparing to go into an appointment with a client.

As more small business embrace the devices and apps available now, “staff can be more efficient and responsive because they are more readily available and can work on the move,” Gordon states.

To read the original article in its entirety, please visit The Register.

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