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Small Business Branding on a Low Budget: Tips and Tricks

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Aug 21st, 2015
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    1What does your brand stand for? 2Make your message consistent. 3Show, don't just tell.
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One of the biggest buzzwords in marketing is branding. When you think of strong branding, you tend to think of the larger corporations and their associated brands, like Apple or Southwest Airlines. However, consistent branding really matters for small businesses too.

Even though small businesses usually have smaller budgets, we’ve put together four easy tips to help brand your business effectively even with the smallest of possible budgets:

1. Determine Your Brand’s Meaning
What does it stand for? What do you want the enduring impression to be when customers are thinking about your company?

For Apple, it is independence of thought and unlimited creativity—for Southwest, warm and friendly, low cost air travel. Figure out what the ultimate meaning is for your company and make sure your brand represents that.

2. Make a Statement With Your Marketing Materials
Now that you have a clearly defined value that your brand represents, make sure that all of your marketing collateral demonstrates that value. Your marketing materials may include brochures, website, mailers, email templates, social media platforms and much more.

Make sure your materials clearly outline your message. Don’t give mixed messages e.g. “Lowest Price Available” on one item and “Highest Quality Lawyer in Town” on another.

Also, funnel down the same value message to your employees and make sure every employee speaks the same company lingo. You want to make sure that everything cohesively reinforces how you want your customers to remember your business.

3. Tell a Story
Story messaging helps your brand really resonate and stay with customers. The best way to demonstrate that you have the best quality isn’t by saying it – it’s by showing it.

Create actual examples about how your customers have been pleased and helped by your company’s products or services. Case studies, testimonials and reviews are all a great way to demonstrate how customers have had their needs met or exceeded by your company.

Press releases and publicity are other great, cost-effective ways to help brand your company and business.

4. Pictures and Infographics are Crucial
With branding, we’ve really hammered down that consistency is the key. Make sure your logo, marketing materials and more have uniform colors, fonts and slogans. Creating consistent visuals for your customers will help reinforce your brand message when people remember your business.

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