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More SEO Changes: What’s Ahead in 2015

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Jan 22nd, 2015
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    1Mobile and wearables increase proximity-based searches. 2Voice-based search is on the rise. 3Mobile apps will render web pages obsolete.
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Search Engine Optimization

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The world of SEO is rapidly changing. “2014 was quite the year for SEO—we saw the release of the Pigeon update, which revolutionized local search, and long-awaited updates to both Panda and Penguin in the latter half of the year. But it’s starting to look like 2015 is going to be an even bigger year,” says Jose Vasquez, President and CEO of

Vasquez wrote an article on Huffington Post titled “5 Ways SEO Is Going to Change in 2015” that lists the SEO trends that marketers should be aware of when planning their campaigns.

Here are a few of Vasquez’s predictions:

• Pigeon is expected “to improve its search capabilities even more with proximity based searches”, and wearables will continue to drive this trend.

• According to Vasquez, keywords will continue to become increasingly irrelevant. It seems that Google searches are now able to read the intentions of users, making the old strategies around key words outdated and ineffective.

• He says we can expect to see more voice-based search technology this year. As smart watches continue to become more popular, we will continue to see an increase in this trend.

• Vasquez predicts we should expect to see a continued rise in the number of mobile apps in 2015, gradually displacing web pages. “Google will be indexing just as much information from mobile apps as it does from web pages,” he continues.

Of course predictions are not written in stone, but Vasquez is convinced that 2015 will offer many new exciting developments for marketers who keep up with the latest SEO strategies.

To view the original article in its entirety, please visit Huffington Post.


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