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Retargeting: Get Visitors Back to Your Site & Improve Conversion

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    1People generally leave a website without taking action. 2Retargeting follows visitors after they leave the site. 3Tactics result in positive effect on conversions.
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Warning…the following statistic may be disturbing to sensitive online marketers. According to Giselle Abramovich, Senior & Strategic Editor at, “The average Web site conversion rate is a little more than 2 percent. In other words, nearly all of the people who visit a site for the first time leave without some form of desired action.”

In order to improve this dismal conversion ratio, many marketers now strategically retarget visitors back to their website, with excellent results. Effective retargeting strategies include: display ads, search, e-mail, social media, Facebook’s FBX ad exchange and Twitter’s new retargeting option. Abramovich offers up impressive statistics on how retargeting influences conversion.

Why you should implement retargeting:

  1. Three out of five online shoppers say they notice ads for products they are looking for on other sites.
  2. Thirty percent of consumers react positively to redirected ads, and only 11 percent react negatively. The rest remain neutral.
  3. Retargeting increases brand revenue, drives traffic, enhances engagement, and augments brand awareness.
  4. Consumers are most likely to click on retargeted product ads. They often find these ads useful in helping them find what they are looking for.
  5. Website visitors who are retargeted to your site from display ads are 70 percent more likely to convert.
  6. Twenty percent of marketers now have a dedicated budget for retargeting – they recognize it improves conversion rates.

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