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Reach 100,000 Visitors with 7 New Rules—Patel Tells All

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Apr 27th, 2015
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    1Simple tips can make your content more compelling. 2Numbers and data support credibility. 3Insider jargon will turn most people away.
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Renowned marketing wizard Neil Patel, author of the Quick Sprout blog, wrote a post on his site titled How I Reached 100,000 Visitors with These 7 Rules, in which he shares his personal blogging rules for the first time. The article contains helpful tools and action steps so you can model his success.

He explains, “Over the years, I’ve taught you a lot about content marketing… from what tactics others are using to showing you what’s working. But I’ve never really opened up and shared the rules I blog by. What you don’t know is that I rarely release a blog post if it doesn’t follow 7 key rules.”

He says it’s important to offer something new to the landscape and differentiate your content from your competition’s by producing innovative material unavailable elsewhere.

In terms of headlines, Patel notes that successful content marketers write short personalized headlines, use powerful adjectives, and whenever possible, use numbers and data.

Out of every 8 people that read your headline, only 2 continue to read the rest of your blog post. Why? Because you aren’t hooking your readers and grabbing their attention.”

Speaking of which, use data in your blog posts as well—in a world where opinions are everywhere, readers respect facts, figures and validated experts.

Using data, such as data-filled infographics, helps you build credibility by supporting your ideas with facts. It shows you are trustworthy and have done your homework.

Readers admire your expertise when you use research to support your ideas and add supporting links to sites where they can find more information.

Digital Dictionary on iMac Screen at DeskBut just because people respect expertise doesn’t mean they will tolerate a stuffy, professorial tone.

Using simple language is more conversational, increases engagement, and makes readers comfortable. No one wants to feel talked down to or intimidated by blogs that read like text books. Blogs should be fun to read, as well as informative.

One other great tip Patel gives is to always send an email blast out when you have  a new blog post. He said that 28% of his blog traffic results from that email list, so it’s well worth it.

To read all of Neil Patel’s 7 rules, visit the original article on Quick Sprout.

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