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6 Rapid Lead Generation Tools For Growing Your Business

Asher Fergusson
Aug 5th, 2015

Lead Generation

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Lead generation is the act of generating interest or inquiry into your products or services.

In our modern age, leads are best captured as email addresses usually in exchange for something like:

  • a free how-to ebook (or other desirable information)
  • video series
  • helpful webinar

These pieces of content (or “lead magnets”) are an opportunity for you to show your audience that you’re an authority on the subject. This builds trust and overtime, helps to convert the lead into a paying customer.

Below is a useful list of the best rapid lead generation tools we’ve used and like.

Tools for Lead Generation

1) LeadPages — An extremely simple to use landing page software designed with one goal in mind — rapid lead generation. You can choose from a bunch of templates that have already been proven to have a very high conversion rate. These can be built in literally a matter of minutes and connect to your favorite email marketing platform such as MailChimp or AWeber and also GoToWebinar (see below). They also have “LeadBoxes” which enable you to turn any link, button or image into an email capture box that pops up. LeadPages can help you build large, high-quality email lists faster than most anyone else.


2) Unbounce — A powerful landing page creation tool with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality (LeadPages doesn’t let you do this). The problem with Unbounce is that it’s quite expensive, starting at $99/ month and in some ways has too much customizability which makes it harder to create nice landing pages fast.


3) ClickFunnels — These guys go way beyond just a lead generation platform but also include features such as: sales funnels, payment gateway integration, webinar functionality and the ability to easily create a membership site. Their aim is to be an all-in-one solution for building an online business. Definitely worth checking out.


4) GoToWebinar — A user-friendly tool for live webinars. Nothing beats sharing quality information with a live, engaged audience. People love attending webinars. This can be a rapid way to grow your email list and gives you an opportunity to turn these leads into paying customers. For example, you can demonstrate your knowledge of your field and even give a live demo of your product or service. If done correctly this will wow your audience and make it more likely for them to trust and buy from you.


5) Crazy Egg — An amazing tool to visualize what your traffic is doing on your website or landing page. It works via “heat maps” (screenshot below) and “scroll maps” and can be an invaluable tool in helping to improve your conversion rates from any page on your website.


6) ClickTale — An expensive competitor to Crazy Egg. They offer the same features of heat maps and scroll maps but also including “session playbacks” which allow you to see a recording of real users experience of you website. This service is valuable once you get a lot of traffic and have built up your revenue enough to warrant the price tag.


What’s the bottom line?

Rapidly building a list of leads is a very worthy cause for almost any small business because it gives you a chance to quickly grow sales.

If done correctly, using the tools mentioned above, you should be able to grow a list of 1,000 quality leads within months.

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Asher Fergusson

Asher has a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) degree and was the CEO of his own startup Internet marketing business for 6 years before selling it in 2014. He specializes in fields such as Search Engine Optimization and Facebook Advertising where he's helped countless small businesses successfully compete with large corporations. He is now the full-time CMO at bizHUMM sharing all his knowledge of how to start and grow small businesses in the most powerful and cost effective ways.