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How Proximity Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

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Sep 28th, 2015
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    1Location-based marketing tracks shopping behavior. 2Intel on consumers helps personalize your approach. 3Shoppers are more likely to buy.
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The average consumer is bombarded with thousands of advertising messages on a daily basis. To cut through the noise, Alex Romanov, CEO of iSIGN Media says, “In a fast-paced world, the only messages to get through are those that inspire immediate action.” This is where proximity marketing comes in.

Proximity marketing uses wireless technology to deliver brand messages to nearby consumers, encouraging them to make a purchase. Smartphones have become an essential shopping tool. “80 percent of consumers use mobile to enhance their in-store experience”, says Romanov.

By contacting consumers in the vicinity, brick and mortar stores can not only alert shoppers in the store to special offers, but also bring nearby shoppers into the store. This helps smaller retailers introduce new customers to their store and existing customers to new merchandise and special deals.

Proximity marketing includes the ability to collect data as well as communicate with customers directly in or near the store. This allows smaller retailers to compete more effectively with larger competitors.

By customizing communications to address the interests of individual consumers, retailers build customer loyalty. “For example, this technology could enable a clothing boutique to notify a nearby shopper that her favorite brand is in stock, or that an item she purchased in the past is on sale”, says Romanov.

This makes shopping a more personal experience, which is, in the end, what consumers are looking for.

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