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Ambitious Plan Emerges to Prevent 250,000 Small Business Startup Failures, a powerful new online service, unveils a plan to help reduce small business failures; announces the release of their comprehensive free resource “How to Start a Business: The Ultimate Free Guide.”

FAIRFIELD, Iowa, July 14, 2015 — There is an epidemic in America today, an epidemic of opportunity or rather the lack thereof.  America is the most creative nation on earth, but small business formation is on the decline. Hundreds of thousands of new businesses are created each month, but at the same time an even greater number close their doors. bizHUMM plans on assisting small businesses and reducing the number of failures by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.

bizHUMM’s vision is to become the website where all small businesses can find the knowledge and support to take the next step with their sales, marketing, technology and finance. Whether it’s a new business looking for ideas regarding fundraising or a more established business trying to better understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), bizHUMM can help.

Over the next three years, bizHUMM plans to build a 5-part platform that provides:

  1. Useful & Actionable Content
  2. Experts Forum & Mentorship
  3. The Resource List for key small business categories
  4. Training Programs
  5. Software to help owners and managers better run their small businesses

Today, bizHUMM is delighted to announce the publication of its comprehensive free resource, “How to Start a Business: The Ultimate Free Guide“. This 15-chapter guide provides practical assistance with everything from incorporation and fundraising to writing a successful business plan, creating first sales and developing an effective marketing strategy.  Additional free materials include helpful templates and checklists, as well as tips from small business experts.

This is the first step in the development of a free library of 50 foundational guides to help small businesses in the key areas of their daily business activity. In the coming year, bizHUMM is dedicated to developing its second and third steps; Experts Forum and The Resource List.

“We feel certain that, if given the proper support, millions of Americans would love to discover entrepreneurship and enjoy the dignity of supporting themselves and providing opportunity to others, says Laurie Sluser, CEO of bizHUMM. It was on this premise that bizHUMM was founded. One free online presence dedicated to helping startups and existing small businesses by providing the resources they need to flourish.

bizHUMM has set, as its primary objective, helping 2,500,000 small businesses in America become free members and providing them with the tools they need to grow and thrive in their early years and beyond. bizHUMM intends to help at least 250,000 small businesses to not only avert failure but more importantly to succeed.

Sluser adds, “We invite all small businesses, to partner with us in this effort to empower small businesses everywhere to start, to grow, to fulfill their dreams.”

See the comprehensive “How to Start a Business” free guide here:

Laurie Sluser, CEO, bizHUMM, is available for interview upon request.

Ruby Finkelstein