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The Power of Choosing Happiness at Work

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Feb 19th, 2015
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    1A positive brain is a productive brain. 2Social connection is vital to a long and healthy life. 3You can become happier by working at it.
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It turns out that happiness makes a big difference in our success at work. According to an article by Dorie Clark published on, research has found that a positive attitude makes us 3 times as creative and intelligent, and increases our productivity by over 30%.

Clark quotes author and TEDx speaker Shawn Achor, who illustrates the phenomenon using email as an example. If you look at your email inbox as an onslaught of overwhelming input that will drain your energy, you may avoid the task of opening and responding to emails in a timely manner—you may even lose business.

On the other hand, if you see your inbox as a source of valuable contacts and a source of lead generation, you will respond quickly and enthusiastically—and, you may create business opportunities.

Our tolerance for pain is affected by happiness levels as well. Achor says his work at the National MS Society taught him that people who experience even severe health problems can still be happy. He cites research that shows that activities such as journaling about positive experiences were able to reduce people’s need for pain medication by half in six months.

In his well-received TEDx talk, Achor lists habits that lead to consistent happiness.

  1. Practice gratitude—Write down 3 things each day that make you grateful.
  2. Journal—Spend 2 minutes each day writing about your positive experiences.
  3. Work out—Spend just 15 minutes each day doing a cardiovascular activity.
  4. Breathe—Watch your breath as you inhale and exhale for 2 minutes.
  5. “Make someone else happy—For 21 days, write a 2 minute email to someone you know—offer words of support or praise.”

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