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Periscope Under Microscope: How It Can Boost Your Business

Sarah Fields
Mar 28th, 2016
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    1Connecting with your customers and industry influencers 2Streaming live videos of product demos and tutorials 3Streaming live events for non-attendees worldwide
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Since it was launched in 2015, it took Periscope less than a year to reach 10 million users. Available in 25 languages, this app provides 2 million worldwide users every day with the opportunity to experience 40 years-worth of live video. When it comes to the world of business, around 15% of top brands on Twitter  make regular use of Periscope to connect with potential customers. The following article outlines some of the most common ways in which Periscope can aid in building your business.

Connects you with customers

One of the most efficient ways to attract customers to your brand is to humanize it by providing people with an inside look into your business. This way you are establishing deeper emotional connection and building stronger bonds. This usually meant frequent communication via email or chat, but with the appearance of Periscope, relationship with customers has been taken to another level. By filming a video of what happens around the office you provide them with a sneak peek of what happens around the office. Most importantly, they will get to see the faces behind the product they love.

Connects you with industry influencers

Although the main purpose of Periscope is to broadcast your own live video, it is highly beneficial to keep track of what others are streaming. Connect with influencers from your industry and follow their work. By showing up regularly, commenting, sharing and asking the right kind of questions you will put yourself on the map and get their attention. Additionally, Periscope enables you to meet with the influencer in person.

Provides your customers with demo version of the product

Prior to the purchase, a number of people prefer to test the product to see if it meets and suits their needs. Simply providing your potential customers with pictures of the product is not enough, since they love to see the demonstration. With this in mind, entrepreneurs use Periscope app to guide customers to showcase some of the outstanding product features. In addition to demo version of the product, Periscope app enables you to create live tutorials or hold live streaming sessions. Not only do you help your customers make the best use of the product, you can position yourself as an industry expert.

Host an event everyone can attend

There is a number of businessmen and event management industry professionals who claim they make regular use Periscope for live streaming. Namely, since there are a multitude of events, exhibitions and conferences organized all over the world, not everyone can attend them. In addition to being a reliable partner for every event manager, Periscope app enables remote attendance to those who were unable to come.

Help you organize live webinars

Instead of investing in expensive webinar software, with Periscope you can hold live webinars and boost engagement in an easy and cost-effective way. You provide people from all over the world with the opportunity to participate and ask questions. Instead of leaving comments, you can give them instant feedback. Moreover, it represents great opportunity for you as a host to discover problems you had not been aware of.

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