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Why Inclusive Leadership Should Become the New Normal

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    1Valuable insights come from listening, not talking. 2Gain both innovation and perspective from others. 3Try inclusivity -- it really works!
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An inclusive leader is one who is able to skillfully “leverage employee insights and inputs to make positive change,” according to Shirley Engelmeier, CEO of InclusionINC. She emphasizes that to stay competitive in the current marketplace, leaders must retain the same openness to employee insights and feedback they had as startups.

Inclusive leadership affirms that everyone’s contribution matters. Engelmeier emphasizes that today’s business leaders should “do more listening than talking.”

The pressure of global competition in today’s business environment demands that leaders be more open to the feedback and innovative ideas of all stakeholders, including employees. Leaders should welcome diverse perspectives that can reveal insights into the global market.

Some simple tips on becoming a more inclusive leader:

Gather input online.
Provide an online forum for chat, feedback, and communication with employees.

Listen to your team.
Engelmeier advises you to “be alert to the leadership potential within your own work team. When someone leans in (a term popularized by Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg), be there to pay attention.”

Host an event.
Make the stated purpose of the event to gain employee insights and collaborate to find solutions to problems. “Leverage employee insights and inputs to make positive change,” she says.

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