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New Training Solution: Axonify

Rushika Bhatia
Jan 2nd, 2015
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    1An algorithm identifies knowledge gaps. 2Ongoing results of training are measured by analytics. 3Training can be done on a mobile device 5 min. a day.
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The corporate training, team-building and business strategy company, biz-group, recently launched a new web-based solution called Axonify.

Axonify combines the latest research in brain science with game mechanics to significantly improve knowledge retention rates and business impact. Axonify will be delivered across the GCC exclusively by biz-group. The innovative online knowledge reinforcement platform is a first for the region and is already being used by an increasing number of Fortune 100 companies and multinationals such as GE Energy, Bloomingdale’s and Toys“R”Us.

“The increasing knowledge around brain science is driving the way we deliver learning and is set to ensure training moves away from the traditional classroom structure to a lighter touch, with frequent interventions. This is supported by research that highlights 90 per cent of information is being learnt on the job, however, 80 per cent of training budgets in the Middle East are still allocated to traditional classroom based methods. This is because, until now, there hasn’t been a solution that could reinforce learning and deliver measurable results,” said Hazel Jackson, Founder and CEO of biz-group.

Axonify is also able to personalise the learning experience for every employee. Using a patented algorithm, Axonify automatically analyses and identifies knowledge gaps, intelligently adapting to the individual’s pace and abilities. It is proven to drive long-term retention and application of learning, whether an organisation has 100 or 100,000 employees. Using game-based elements, Axonify motivates staff to use the platform regularly, recording a 50 per cent or higher increase in the rate of engagement among existing users.

Going beyond the classroom, training is delivered each day via the Axonify platform to any web-enabled device such as phone, computer, tablet, point of service — on topics that matter most to the organisation. Each session of training takes less than five minutes a day to complete and can be measured against employee and business objectives using the program’s analytics and reporting system.

Axonify can be used by organisations of any size and can be programmed to support a specific training need such as driving sales, improving service levels or improving compliance with policies and procedures. Worldwide, Axonify is used by companies across a multitude of sectors including retail, safety, financial services, and educational institutes. However, retail, safety and customer service-led companies have been the biggest proponents to date, recognising the ease with which Axonify can impart product information to employees that are typically not desk-based.

This article was written by Rushika Bhatia and published by SME Advisor Middle East.

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