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Mobile and Millennials: What you Need to Know

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    1"Your company website needs to be mobile first." 2Millennials tend to use mobile phones later at night. 3This demographic is willing to share information.
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If you have a mobile startup idea or even if you simply want to create a mobile marketing campaign, you’re probably already gearing your efforts towards Millennials, 18% of whom are mobile-only users.

People of this generation are extremely different in their online behaviors, which makes it not as easy to predict which new mobile products they’ll flock to and which they will shun.

An article by Luke Ahn in suggests that a “mobile-only” strategy from the start is vital.

Millennials Prefer Mobile

Ahn says, “Forget about the old idea of “web users” and design your site as if it’s only going to be accessed from mobile devices. Once you have a good mobile-enabled site in place, you can think about a web version. But mobile users should be your primary focus.”

Ahn writes that an incredible amount of detail can now be gleaned from mobile usage in contrast to the amount data we once relied on from web users. For example, mobile devices reveal location, time of day, and other personal buying habits. The article names a few insights about millennial behavior observed by tracking their mobile usage.

They’re Night OwlsMan Awake At Night In Bed Using Smartphone

Even though this group can seem harder to figure out than previous generations, fortunately, because they prefer mobile, we can more easily analyze their behavior. For example, it has been observed that smartphone usage for Millennials tends to peak late at night.

They’re Open

Millennials are more comfortable sharing their personal data with companies too, so we can learn quite a bit about their habits by engaging with them; why they negatively respond to certain apps for example.

The article observes that as more of their parents have popped up on Facebook, teens are gravitating towards alternative image sharing and messaging apps. All of these types of insights are crucial to incorporate in your approach.

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