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Marketing Tips for Landing Page Conversions

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    1Photos with testimonials adds credibility. 2Landing pages with video perform better. 3Make sure the ad matches the landing page.
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Marketing Strategy

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Depending on who you talk to or the agency where you are working, there are hundreds of different ways you can optimize conversions on any given landing page for a particular direct response campaign.

With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new campaign. If you add all the following three of elements to your landing page, chances are that it is 300% more likely to convert users into customers!

1. Social Proof

In order to effectively convert someone who may find themselves on your landing page, you need to earn their trust almost as quickly as you catch their attention. Quick, trusted ways to give your visitors social proof of your business’ reputation include adding testimonials, photos, links to your company’s Instagram or Facebook and more.

But don’t stop there—if you also include a photograph of someone next to their testimonial, studies have shown that it can increase conversions by 103%! Make sure not to let your social proof work against you by making the photo of the person unlikable to your target audience or by linking people to your Facebook page that has no followers or interactions.

2. Use Video

People would rather watch vs. read something on your landing page. In a study done by EyeView, landing pages that included video performed over 80% more than ones that did not. Video helps make even the most complicated products or services much more understandable. If you’re going to include a video, make it the focal point of your entire landing page.

3. Message Match

While this one should be a no brainer, you’d be surprised how many businesses are missing the mark with this. When a user clicks on your advertisement and is brought to your page, you want them to immediately know that they landed in the right spot.

What you might not know is that Google Adwords calculates their CPC (cost per click) based upon the quality of your landing page. If your landing page content does not match your ad, your lower score can result in a higher CPC. Matching your message not only improves conversions but it also decreases cost – a real win-win!

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