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Marketing in 2015 – Trends that will Dominate

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    1True mobile optimization, not just responsive design. 2Personalization and a human touch in social media. 3Renewed focus on email marketing.
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Digital marketers have had to adjust to new changes in the field recently, including Google’s updated algorithm. With many former SEO strategies growing obsolete, finding newer ways to stand out amidst the throngs of other content vying for attention will be a continual challenge for marketers in the year ahead.

In his article, “Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015,” Jayson DeMers makes predictions for where digital marketing is going in 2015.

1. Online social engagement

He says that companies will be trying to appeal to consumers in a relatable, personal way on social media. A polished, corporate tone will increasingly be replaced with a more human touch.

2. Mobile optimization

Mobile usability of websites is starting to become a factor in search engine ranking. According to DeMers, “2015 will be the year that mobile strategies move beyond simply having a responsive site or mobile app, and focus on mobile-optimized content and social media marketing as well.”

3. Email marketing

Surprisingly enough, DeMers expects a renewed focus on email marketing. In light of new restrictions on business social media accounts and changes to the way SEO practices can affect ranking, email continues to be the one area in which marketers can completely control distribution to a specific list of individuals.

The new email marketing must incorporate content marketing in order to succeed where current email practices are failing. Companies will repackage existing content in new ways, for example by offering white paper or eBook downloads, helping build an opt-in mailing list centered around the content of interest to the customer. The result will be an increasingly blurred distinction between email marketing and content marketing, he says.

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