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How to Manage the Added Risk of Security from a Mobile Workforce

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Jan 21st, 2015
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There’s never been a time when it has been more crucial to protect yourself from online security breaches. Ironically, experts say that as the convenience of mobile device usage has increased, safety behaviors are often abandoned.

For example, in an article that appeared in, Dani D. Taylor writes that studies of human behavior show many unsafe habits are common practice. “Behaviors like leaving devices unlocked, downloading apps, browsing invalidated sites and opening unknown e-mail attachments puts users’ personal data at risk.”

Convenience adds risk

Taylor explains that in the ever-expanding “BYOD” workplace, one that is increasingly made up of employees working from mobile devices, that risk is magnified.

Change your habits

In addition to being smarter online and using security software when necessary, the experts also suggest thinking twice about what personal identifiable information you post on social media sites that could be used by a hacker to target you.

Protect your clients

Of course, the threat goes far beyond an individual’s data being compromised. In the context of work, your clients’ data is also at risk, and therefore your company’s most important asset is at risk.

The article describes simple modifications in employee security measures that are being utilized as solutions.

Security practices to implement now:

  • two-step verification
  • limiting full application access to the smallest number of employees possible
  • password management tools
  • encryption

Taylor emphasizes that with so much at stake, adopting a few minor changes to mitigate the threat of cyber attack is a wise move for your mobile employees, your clients, and your company.

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