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How to Make Cold Calling Easier

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Jan 22nd, 2015
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    1Purchase good quality, "warm" leads. 2Practice role-playing with friends to avoid being robotic. 3Make the call warmer by researching the prospect.
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In the Steve Jobs biopic, Ashton Kutcher depicted Jobs feverishly making hundreds of cold calls from Apple’s first headquarters in his parents’ garage. The frustration of being constantly rejected finally came to an end when one of his calls resulted in a visit from an angel investor and they signed a deal the same day at his mother’s kitchen table.

Although everyone dreads doing it, as this story illustrates, cold calling is a valuable and necessary skill to develop. Calling a stranger out of the blue is rite of passage for every startup.

In his article on, Flavio Martins offers three simple ways to make the process a little easier on yourself.

How to make cold calling easier:

1. Don’t “cold” call

Leads are considered “cold” when there’s no way of knowing whether they have any interest. A warm lead is one who has at some point requested information about products or services similar to yours.

Martins suggests buying lists from lead companies, containing the names of people who actually are looking for the solutions you provide. Warm leads make the call less “cold”.

2. Don’t read a script

“Prospective clients would rather have an actual conversation with you rather than being talked at,” Martins says.

Do whatever it takes to get comfortable enough getting on the phone without a script in front of you—roleplay, memorize it, rehearse possible questions, etc.

3. Don’t call “strangers”

Take the time to research who the mysterious voice on the other end of the phone belongs to. Know as much as you can about the person—their business goals, marketplace, interests and needs.

This will allow you to personalize the call and make it more a meaningful experience for your prospect. 

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