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How to Make Your Call Script More Authentic

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    1Thorough product education brings confidence. 2Aim to discover if your product is right for the client. 3Learn about the client's unique situation and needs.
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Sales Scripts

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When you pick up the phone to answer a call from an unknown number, or dial out to a customer service line, nine times out of ten you’ll probably hear the person on the other end robotically reading from a script.

It is unmistakeable—the cadence, the unnatural responses, the hurried tone. Immediately, an air of artificiality breeds distrust and undermines the credibility of the person using the script.

If your business requires phone sales, using a well-written script is necessary, however. How to avoid coming across like a soulless robot is a topic explained in a recent article on Huffington Post by Ian Altman. The author shares three tips to make your call scripts more effective.

How to be authentic on your sales call:

1. Believe. Make sure the salesperson truly believes what he/she is saying and speaks with confidence about your product or service.

2. Shift focus. STOP trying to close a sale and instead aim to “determine if there is a good fit between you and the customer.” Altman says, “effective sales is about getting to the truth as quickly as possible.”

3. Be client-centered. It’s not about you and what you offer; it’s about them and what they need. “Your script should entice the client’s interest, disarm the notion that you are just calling to sell them something…” he says.

To read the original article in its entirety, please visit Huffington Post.

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