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Key Times for Social Media Posts

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Mar 31st, 2015
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    1Facebook is a go-to for the afternoon slump. 2B2B tweets are shared during working hours primarily. 3Pinterest is most active nights and Saturdays.
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Social Media

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Planning and executing various strategies for posting on different social mediums takes a lot of time management and effort. Marketers owe a debt of thanks to people who’ve relentlessly tested methods over the years to come up with some social media best practices. Their measurements have resulted in the following key time periods that your company can use when posting on the top four social media platforms.

Posting times for maximum exposure and engagements:

1. Facebook

Over 85% of all Facebook statuses and posts are made during the American work week of Monday-Friday. Basically, the peak times that people don’t want to be at work have a strong correlation with the times that they spend on “The Book.” The best time to get shares is Monday-Friday at 1 PM with the best time to get clicks and engagement is between the hours 3 PM-5 PM.

2. Twitter

Unlike Facebook, Twitter engagements are at least 17% higher during Saturday or Sunday versus weekdays. 12 PM, 5 PM & 6 PM are the few hours each day that account for the highest retweets and click through rates.

On the other hand, Twitter engagements within a B2B relationship tend to take place on weekdays and drop off during weekends, mirroring the schedule of most employees.

3. Instagram

Instagram’s users stay pretty consistently active throughout the week with a small spike on Mondays. While most content is posted between the work hours of 9 AM & 6 PM, Instagram reports that they tend to see more engagements and interactions with the posted content outside of work hours.

4. Pinterest

With Saturday the most popular day for pinning content, users are also doing the majority of their pinning at night between the hours of 8 PM & 11 PM. Unlike many of the other social media platforms, Pinterest seems to have its activity peak during the evening.

If your company is in fashion or retail, it is said that the best time to pin is Fridays after 3 PM so that you’ll swarm your stores with freshly paid patrons.

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