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Hummy’s Bio

This is Henry Hummingbird, or Hummy for short, he’s a tiny hummingbird with big dreams. Hummy graduated Hum-laude in 2009 with his MBA from Hummvard University. After graduating Hummy started working for the primary producer of fake flowers and astroturf in the US. After 4 years of work Hummy found himself closing a major deal that won the company a spot on every cafe table in America. In gratitude for the job-well-done Hummy’s company sent him a large bouquet of fake carnations. Despite having worked there for 4 years Hummy leaned in to smell them, instinctually, and was confronted with the smell of plastic. “I hate fake flowers” Hummy thought. “What am I doing?” Later that day Hummy quit his job and started a fresh-flower delivery service. Hummy’s connections in the aviation world coupled with his experience in business helped his small business quickly blossom into what it is today.

“bizHumm, delivering bouquets of knowledge , always fresh, never fake. “ frame

Graduation Day, 2009