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How To Use Live Interactive Broadcasting For Your Small Business

JT Ripton
Nov 30th, 2016
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In every sector of business, engaging with your customers is key. For even the biggest brands with millions of clients worldwide, failure to interact and provide the service buyers expect can cost you money. One of the most powerful and effective ways to engage with today’s consumers? Video.

While watching videos online may be big now, it is expected to account for 70 percent of all mobile traffic in 2021.

As well as recorded videos, live interactive broadcasting has exploded in the past couple of years. Periscope, Facebook Live, and other platforms allow anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection to stream live video at any time, any place.

Small businesses can use this as a cost-effective, simple way to boost their online visibility and improve customer-engagement.

How? Here are five powerful ideas.

Show Live Events from Across the Globe

Every year, countless conferences, exhibitions, and trade fairs are held around the world. These are outstanding places to network, discover the biggest incoming trends, and meet influential people leading the way.

However, not everyone who would like to attend can.

This is your chance to bring special events into prospects’ homes. By broadcasting live, you can take viewers on a guided real-time tour, introducing them to other guests, exhibitors, and thought-leaders.

As this is interactive, your followers can tell you who to visit next, what questions to ask, and feel as if they are part of the action. It is a far more engaging prospect than a simple recorded video.

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Broadcast Your Own ‘Behind the Scenes’ Videos

Ever seen How It’s Made? This Science Channel show has been popular for years now, taking viewers through the preparation of various well-known products.

Thanks to live interactive broadcasting, you can do the same with your own business. Take viewers on guided tours of your offices, production areas, and more to reveal how your team achieves such impressive results. You can ask viewers to suggest where you should explore next, request questions to ask your in-house experts, and respond to any of their questions as soon as they come in.

Rather than producing a pre-made video which has been carefully edited to create a certain image, your live broadcast will feel more authentic, and make viewers feel as if they are receiving a special insight into your operations.

As a small business, you should take every opportunity to develop your brand and reveal more of who you are and your mission.

Conduct Interviews With Influential Figures

Live interactive broadcasting opens up all kinds of possibilities. One of the most intriguing is the chance to interview industry-leaders, experts, and your own team-members.

Real-time interviews show the more human side of your business and allow you to engage with viewers in an informal way. For example, if you have your CEO in the chair, invite prospects to ask specific questions about your products, services, and plans for the future. Avoid censoring these or trying to dodging certain areas: honesty is more important than ever today, and followers will not take kindly to being lied to.

You may also want to interview satisfied customers, to highlight the benefits of your products and services in an open, spontaneous way. However, keep these brief and focus on the tangible benefits rather than bombarding viewers with sales-heavy spiel.

Deliver Real-Time Product Training

Using just your smartphone, you can deliver real-time training on specific products, tools, or services you provide. With just one or two hosts, you can guide viewers through the most complex ares in a no-nonsense, informal way.

As this is live and interactive, you can answer viewers’ questions and address any specific concerns they may have. Have a new gadget hitting the market and want to reveal it in the most transparent way? Show it off in a live broadcast, show how it works, and engage with viewers. If they don’t like the way it is designed, take that on board and explore alternatives.

Even if no suggestions are used, at least your viewers will feel more valued.

Stream Scheduled Interactive Webinars

Throw a virtual rock and you will hit at least one webinar. How can you make yours more impressive than the rest?

Make them interactive, but go beyond just answering questions. Allow viewers to vote on topics to address, and let them dictate the directions in which your webinars go. Such a flexible approach will make broadcasts more engaging, less formal, and really allow your team to open up and reveal their human sides.

Just because your business is professional, committed, and ambitious is no reason to be dry. With live interactive broadcasting, your experts can form stronger bonds with consumers, make prospects feel more valued, and highlight the buyers’ importance. After all, without customers, where would your business be?

Don’t be afraid of letting webinars run long, either. Research shows that the average live webinar viewing can go on for as long as 56 minutes.

As live broadcasting continues to expand, it may well become a common feature of customer engagement. For now, though, you can use it to stand out from your competitors and offer a more personal customer experience.

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However, you have to invest in the best service available to ensure maximum satisfaction. As your broadcasts are live, they depend on clear, crisp quality. Lagging, loss of sound, and brief disconnections can all prove too frustrating for viewers, chasing them away altogether.

When you are broadcasting from an area with weak internet or to people right across the world, you run the risk of signal difficulties.

Tony Zhao, CEO of video chat company, highlights the importance of investing in a reliable service to ensure maximum QoE (quality of experience):

Live interactive broadcasts are a powerful way to increase your customer-engagement, but what if you can’t see viewers’ questions or keep suffering from a loss of signal? Your audience is unlikely to wait for your broadcast to improve, and may even refuse to visit you again. For small businesses, this may well be devastating.

“For example, Agora has 80 data centers across the globe, which ensures crisp, clear performance without the dangers of signal-related problems. Investing in the best service available is crucial to keep your existing and potential customers satisfied.”

Have you thought about how live interactive broadcasting may improve your small business?

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