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How to Turn Your Sales Script Into a Conversation

Michael Pedone
Jan 2nd, 2015
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    1Good scripts are conversational and not strained. 2Bad scripts attempt to manipulate the other person. 3The right script guides both parties to satisfaction.
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Sales Scripts

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“I don’t like using sales scripts because they don’t encourage genuine organic conversations with prospects. Do you agree?”

SalesBuzz Answer:

I disagree with this statement and here’s why…

Top sales scripts that work follow a formula that creates a conversation between the two parties.

It follows a successful process that allows for dialogue while covering (or uncovering) key steps needed in order to determine if an opportunity exists, if you are speaking with the right person and if the prospect can afford your solution to their problem, all while having a “conversation”.

Bad sales scripts on the other hand, fail because they try and hypnotize the prospect into a yes pattern or get forced agreements from the prospect.


When you realize that sales can be broken down into small, winnable objectives or agreements, sales scripts quickly become your ally, and not your enemy.

Knowing exactly what to say BEFORE ever picking up the phone, no matter if you get a gatekeeper, prospect’s voicemail or the decision maker on your sales call, will catapult your sales numbers far and above any Captain Wing-Its out there that continuously fly by the seat of their pants, sales call after sales call.

Understanding what your objectives are of each phase of the sales cycle, and using the proper script to execute them, allows for measured success while still allowing for the sales person to “be themselves” while having room to ad-lib where necessary.

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