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How to Stand out from the Competition and Make the Sale

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Mar 13th, 2015
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    1Research useful news to your client and pass it along. 2Look for common interests you can connect on. 3Every time you honor your word, it builds trust.
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Sales Techniques

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For every excellent sales presentation you make, your prospect has at least two or three other options to consider. In her article on, Alice Myerhoff listed 5 ways to make you stand out in the prospect’s mind so that your sales proposal will be his or her top choice.

1. Be the Most Authentic

Focus primarily on building the relationship, not on pushing your agenda. This will distinguish the experience of interacting with you from the rest of the sales interactions your prospect is used to. Be somewhat of an open book as you get to know one another and he or she will respond in kind.

2. Be the Most Informed

If you are the voice of authority in your field, with a seemingly infinite storehouse of relevant, current facts, your perceived value will be extremely high. The article recommends you set an alert for helpful news that your prospect is interested in, and that you share this information regularly. This practice keeps you in touch as well.

3. Be the Most Dependable

Always do what you say you will do, even in minor things. Each time you do so, it subtly builds trust. “Even if your prospect doesn’t remember that you made that promise, when you do follow through they get an inkling that you always do what you say you’re going to do,” Myerhoff explains.

4. Be the Most Relatable

One of the best ways to create instant rapport with anyone is to find out in advance what interests you have in common. Perhaps you went to the same university, or practice the same sports, or support similar causes. Many of these things will be obvious by scanning their linkedin profile.

5. Be the Best Listener

It’s so rare these days to have someone’s complete attention. It makes a lasting impression when people feel that you care about helping them get what they want. “Ask them questions about their companies and their business’s goals for the coming year,” Myerhoff says.

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