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How to Create Your Personal Image

John Daly
Feb 6th, 2015
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    1It's helpful to establish your brand early in life. 2Be aware of how you come across on social media. 3Send a clear message with your appearance and actions.
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Brand Management

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Creating an image in the business world for a business or individual isn’t as difficult as you think! But it requires a concentrated effort.

When a brand is built for a company, it happens from the ground up. It is about appearance as well as what is being said. It’s critical to put out to the public what people want to hear. Just as important is keeping things (like profanity, rudeness, harsh criticism of others) that you do not want them to hear under close guard.

So how can building business brand concepts apply to building an individual image?


Businesses use billboards for their products, and people use clothing, hair styles and personal hygiene. It’s important to convey just the right message. If you think of your body as a billboard, consider how you present it. Remember when you get a tattoo that it lasts for a lifetime unless you go through a painful laser procedure to take it off. If you must have a tattoo, put it where you can hide it.

How Do You Make Others Feel?

When you create your image, remember that a brand is a feeling.

  • How do you feel when you see advertisements for the Hawaiian Islands? Relaxed?
  • How do you feel when you see an ad for Ralph Lauren clothing. Luxury?
  • How do you feel when you see happy couples on an online dating service commercial? Lonely, yet hopeful?
  • How do people feel when they see you? You hold the key to that. It is up to you to make your brand. You make that brand when you walk out of your front door. Do you want flash and dash or a conservative feeling to come from a person seeing you at 10 feet away?
  • What about the message you present? Always make believe a person cannot hear what you have to say before you meet them and prepare your “package” for that. You may be the most talented person in the world in any given field but first you have to sell yourself. Save the talent for the big surprise.
  • Are you polite? Do you give up your chair for an older person? Do you open the door for a person you are hosting? Do you smile? So many people don’t smile; they frown instead! This is very off-putting. Develop a ready, genuine smile that will help you connect positively with others in any situation.

Don’t let social anxieties overwhelm you. Smiling can help you get through any situation. It’s a secret weapon that totally disarms people and draws them to you.

What Messages Are You Sending?

What about the messages you send to others on social media? Watch what you post on social media and on the web. Why? Because what shows up on the Internet will stay with you forever.

It’s hard to conceive that anything posted during high school could potentially affect a career, but prospective employers and colleges are now using social media profiles as part of routine background checks. This means that scholarship organizations are likely doing the same, and their finding negative information could definitely affect your future.

So, forget the provocative photos and the messages riddled with profanity. Be careful! You’ll never know that those were the reasons you didn’t get the job. Taking it to another level, don’t let what you post on social media get you fired from your job. That’s right. It’s happening more and more these days.

What about the way you act? Create positive trends and habits that draw positive people to you. You can accomplish this through your stylish dress; encouraging and outgoing actions; and willingness to help others.

Self-absorption will only produce a negative reaction in most people. Don’t know how to be outgoing with others? Start by volunteering some time to help those less fortunate than you. You’ll quickly learn that your life is fairly wonderful compared to others, and this will teach you how to reach out and encourage other people.

Create Your Image Early

Marketing yourself later in life will be a lot easier if you have already made a statement at school or college with not only your family and friends but your community. Honoring and respecting others is the greatest tool you can have in your self-image toolbox. Part of honoring and respecting others is taking responsibility for not only your actions but also for part of your own livelihood.

These aren’t the only suggestions you should utilize to create a solid image for yourself, but they are the foundation for creating and managing everything else you do as you build a professional business image for yourself and create and perpetuate your company’s brand.

This article was written by John Daly and published on Noozhawk.

John Daly is the founder and president of The Key Class, the go-to guide for job search success. Daly, who retired from the field of international special events, made the decision to give back to society in ways that could make it stronger and hence he created the curriculum of social skills and job readiness techniques.

His vision of a nationwide program encompasses classes not only for at-risk teens, but also for ESL students, high school, college and business school graduates, as well as returning veterans and job seekers, who also need this information to secure and keep the right jobs and a brighter future.

To read John’s book, “The Key Class – The Keys to Job Search Success,” click here.