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How to Close a Sale With 3 Simple Steps

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Aug 18th, 2015
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    1Connect your product to the client's needs. 2Utilize the power of story in your presentation. 3Learn when the time is right.
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Sales Techniques

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Most consumers today are on to most of the classic techniques used to sell goods and services. The typical buyer is more aware and informed than at any other time in history, which demands that a salesperson be transparent and provide legitimate solutions to the specific needs that each person has.

Closing a sale can be thought of as a 3 step process. By following this plan, you will dramatically increase the chances that you will close more deals:

1. Know how to apply the benefits of your product to each person’s situation. This is an important factor that lets a customer know your product is right for them. If they can’t make the connection between what you are selling and the problems they are having, then they are probably not going to be interested.

You should also explain how your product has helped some of your other clients. By doing this, you are presenting direct evidence that your products will help your customers find solutions to their problems. Real life stories about actual solutions are far more convincing than merely presenting raw information. Having the human element involved establishes a much stronger bond between the benefits of your products and their ability to solve your customer’s issues.

2. Do not rush the process. Once someone does feel that your product will provide a legitimate solution to their problems, take your time and give them all of the relevant information that they need to make a decision. At this point, it is vital that you do not try to speed up the process.

The customer needs to be completely comfortable with everything before they commit to buying your product. So take your time and address their questions, providing them with all of the relevant information at the appropriate times. By doing this, they are able to make an informed decision with a much greater level of confidence.

3. Remember that timing is everything. If you try to close too early, you run the risk of scaring off anyone who is uncertain about making a commitment. However, if you do not close when they are ready, they might walk away and buy the exact same product from someone else who is better prepared to seal the deal.

Therefore, you should always try to identify the right moment and then act when the opportunity presents itself. This type of approach will increase your odds of getting better results.

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