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Give Away Free Samples, Gain Loyalty and Revenues

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Jul 17th, 2015
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    1Samples build instinctive buyer loyalty, reciprocity. 2Makeup giveaways increase sales by 500%. 3500 free sample yoga mats resulted in 300 customers.
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If you’ve ever wondered whether the generous samples you get in the grocery store actually pay off for the retailer, the definitive answer is yes, says Ilan Mochari in his article on

Samples work

Studies done on free samples and their resulting sales show staggering results. He cites actual cases of how offering pizza samples boosted sales by 600 percent, makeup samples drove sales up by 500 percent, and sample pieces of high quality yoga mats catapulted a small startup to becoming a global market leader.

Taste is seductive

The author suggests that sampling can be the deciding factor in a retail store for whether the shopper will buy or just research, leave and then shop around on their smartphone for a better deal online.

Brick-and mortar stores gain the edge

Mochari points out that in-store samples help as “retailers of all stripes remain in a struggle to lure customers out of their e-commerce comfort zones and into actual store space.”

Reciprocal instincts

He says that receiving an in-store sample goes a long way towards building loyalty and a sense of wanting to reciprocate the kindness.

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