How To Start & Grow Your Business

Getting Started

Discover the 12 most popular bizHUMM features:

  1. Your bizHUMM Account: You will find your personalized bizHUMM account menu in the top navigation bar, just to the left of the social media icons.  Hover over the menu and an orange drop-down menu gives you access to your Library, Saved Content, Profile, Account information and, if you are an author, the ability to create articles. (On mobile: accessible at top of Left-hand Navigation Bar)
  2. Navigation Menu: The bizHUMM curation system is accessible by clicking the square “MENU” button in the top left of the site. Here you will find, most importantly, the main content categories, broken down to almost 50 subcategories relevant to small businesses, access to The Resource List, Author Sign-up/Login, Humm Features and Extras.
  3. Featured: Displays our editor’s article selections in the category that you are viewing.  Found in the middle of the right column widgets. (Widget not available on mobile)
  4. Most Saved: Displays our members’ most frequently saved articles to their accounts.  Found in the middle of the right column widgets. (Widget not available on mobile)
  5. Hummy’s Highlights: Conveys, in brief, the three most important points of the article. A nice snapshot.  The orange Hummy iconHummy's Highlights is located in the lower right hand corner of each article lead. (Not available on mobile)
  6. Humm of the Day: The Editor’s selection of the best article posted that day, found at the top of the home page.
  7. HummStats: Infographics on relevant small business topics. Very cool! You’ll find it near the top of the right hand widgets. (Widget not available on mobile)
  8. bizBook Review: Brief summaries of popular business books located near the bottom of the right hand widgets. (Widget not available on mobile)
  9. The Resource List (TRL): Resources providing products and/or services for small businesses. These resources can be found by looking in the relevant subcategory on the TRL page.  You can access the TRL via the left hand navigation bar.
  10. Saving Articles: Allows members to save articles, so that they can easily refer to them in the future.  The save iconSaved is located in the lower right hand corner of each article lead. (Can save on all devices, but cannot view on mobile)
  11. Comics: Well uh … you get it.  Our fabulous comics can be accessed via the right hand widget, near the bottom. (Widget not available on mobile)
  12. Easter Eggs: Look around the website and you will find (sooner or later) Hummy’s favorite possessions (5) and best friend in hiding places. Email us a brief description with the location and items and we will post your name on our Easter Egg Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame. (Not available on mobile)