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The Future of SEO: Will it Survive?

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Jan 28th, 2015
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    1SEO has become more sophisticated. 2Panda and Penguin updates made standards more rigorous. 3It's still possible to rise in ranking, studying users.
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Search Engine Optimization

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Digital marketers are having to adjust their ranking strategies in light of the continual evolution of search algorithms, and many question how long their new strategies will even remain relevant. Given the changing landscape of Google, will search engine optimization techniques eventually all become obsolete?

In the article, “Past, Present and Future: Why SEO Might Transform, But Will Never Die,” Jayson DeMers says yes and no. He describes SEO as a dance, not a race, and is confident the dance will continue.

DeMers likes to think of SEO as a dance in which the changing algorithms of Google and the new ideas of SEO strategists are partnered. He says this is different from a race, which demands a winner and “a best way to get ahead.”

Instead, he sees a bright future for SEO where both Google and search marketers complement one another in the direction of improving user experience.

Google has come a long way since its “fault-ridden” beginning.

DeMers recalls that Google in the beginning stages was “a clunky, fault-ridden engine that populated results based on only a handful of factors.…And, early on, SEO marketing strategies amounted to a kind of cheat code for the Internet. By adopting a handful of practices that artificially enhance a quality that Google deemed to be worthy of rank, cheaters were able to get whatever sites they wanted to the top of the SERPs.”

DeMers says SEO is maturing, and here for the long haul.

DeMers’ article explains how Google has continued to implement cutting edge and effective strategies to combat these and other unfair practices. However, DeMers says that no matter how effective Google is in eliminating the “cheat factor,” SEO will never die.

Yes, the revisions and updates will continue, but he predicts it will always come down to content: “If you define SEO as the ability to manipulate your way to the top of search rankings, then SEO will die. But if you define SEO as the practice of improving a website’s visibility in search results, then SEO will never die; it will only continue to evolve.”

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