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Four Brand Management Mistakes to Avoid

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Jul 23rd, 2015
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    1Brand management is about maintaining trust. 2Avoid a disconnect between mission and reality. 3If you don't invest in it, expect poor results.
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Brand Management

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Brand management builds, earns and maintains the trust of your customers and it is one of the most important components to effective marketing. 

In order to avoid losing the hard-earned trust of your customers once you’ve earned it, avoid these four common mistakes companies make within their first few years of startup management:

1. No brand manager

Brand managers can help to ensure your company’s products and services are meeting current and potential customers’ needs and that they are leaving a lasting impression. In order to achieve this, a dedicated professional will constantly monitor marketing trends and keep an eye on the competitive mix in your product/service’s marketplace.

2. Brand experience doesn’t match the brand’s image

The three most important components to brand image are company name, attitude and iconic identity. When there is a clear disconnect between them, the overall brand experience and image suffers and customers can become confused in the clutter. Ensuring that all the three are in sync is crucial.

3. Brand assets are not easily accessible

In a digital world, making certain that your company is well represented across the web is critical to success. Effective brand management boils down to accessibility and smart management with brand integration. Make sure that your brand assets are easily accessible and organized. Avoid allowing them to be scattered and inconsistent by always ensuring that the most current assets are available.

4. Not allocating budget towards brand management

Many small to mid-sized businesses will say they aren’t large enough to afford a dedicated brand manager or that they will put off brand management until they are more profitable. It’s strongly encouraged to look at hiring a 3rd party contractor or consultant to manage your brand for a small fee.

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