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Finding Common Ground in Sales Speak

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    1Make sure you agree on buzzword definitions. 2Don't assume your terminology is understood. 3Good sales mgmt. rests on undistorted communication.
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Sales Management

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How many times have you felt you were being absolutely clear in communicating with your sales team, yet when you ask the perfunctory “does that make sense?” the answer is, surprisingly, no? Or perhaps they seem to get it, but later you realize there was a misunderstanding?

An article by Jason Jordan in explores how these kinds of miscommunications occur in the field of sales management. Trouble occurs when terms and buzzwords mean different things to different people. “We speak the same words, but they often lead to just-miss communications,” Jordan writes.

Same language, different meanings

Jordan gives an example of asking for directions in London and discovering that the same words mean drastically different things depending on what version of English is being spoken. It reminded him of how this phenomenon occurs in sales management.

Always define terms

Without a common language, practices get distorted. And when practices get distorted, execution is inconsistent. And when execution is inconsistent, sales management is more difficult. A lot more difficult, in fact,” the author continues.

Favor consistency

Who is right or wrong about the absolute definition of a term like “sales funnel” or sales process” doesn’t really matter; the important thing is that you agree upon the working definitions of the terms you use in your business and that you remain consistent.

In conclusion: “Call planning should mean call planning. And the sales pipeline should be the sales pipeline. Without a common language that enables consistent execution, sales management will remain a soft science,” Jordan writes.

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