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Until you Find a Mentor, Coach Yourself

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Aug 19th, 2015
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    1Read up on everything about your field. 2Get on the inside for a realistic view. 3Take classes, attend trade shows and network.
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You’ve finally decided to chart your own path and become an entrepreneur—now you could use a good mentor to light the way and open doors. Unfortunately this crucial relationship isn’t easy to develop in the beginning days of your enterprise.

Stephen Key summarizes the situation this way: “In my experience, finding the right one is not unlike finding a needle in a haystack.”

Key’s article published on offers a solution: until you identify and gain access to that key person who can guide your success, create “surrogate mentorship”, by coaching yourself. The author points out that there are now abundant resources available to support you.

Ways to Coach Yourself

Join a startup: You’ll learn everything you need to know, soup to nuts, by doing.

Take online classes: There’s a plethora of free, practical knowledge available, growing faster than you can possibly consume.

Ask to be taken on a tour: The author says that many companies will proudly show you around their facility, and give you an invaluable peek on how things operate there.

Attend a tradeshow: It’s where you can get exposed to all the new and great people and happenings in your industry, and they can get to know you. Maybe your future mentor will be there!

Network: Take advantage of Meetup, Linkedin, and don’t be shy to “put yourself out there”.

Learn from the experts:

Key writes, “I’ve immensely enjoyed reading Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki’s business books. Pat Flynn has a killer podcastI’ve learned about manufacturing techniques from YouTube videos, which are another great resource.”

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