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Entrepreneurs: Make Your Cold-Emails Hot!

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Jan 16th, 2015
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New business owners are often intimidated by what CEO Kevin Gould calls, “the cold-email.” While creating an effective email campaign is challenging, it is a necessary part of your overall outreach strategy. To build your business, you will need an effective email strategy to reach out to new prospects and expand your customer base.

Gould writes in his article on PR Daily,“While a lot of work that I do comes through previous relationships and someone connecting me to someone else, I certainly don’t know everyone, and I have found the cold-email to be very successful in building business opportunities, but only if it is done the right way.”

Gould, founder and CEO of Kombo Ventures, offers his best tips on creating effective cold-emailing strategies:

• Offer relevant content. Remember that most executives are overwhelmed with emails. Most emails end up in the recycle bin because they do not grab the attention of decision-makers. Your offer must meet your prospects needs or it will be dead on arrival.

• Get right to the point. Gould says that grabbing the attention of your prospect “within the first two sentences” is critical. People will not read further if you do not engage them from the get-go.

• Informality sets the right tone. To take the chill out of the cold-email, use a casual tone—you are not writing a formal letter. According to Gould, using an informal tone shows you are experienced in the business world. Just make sure you use the spell check!

• Use your contact’s name. Make sure to address your contact personally. Whenever possible, you should use his or her name instead of a general, “Dear Sir” or “To Whom it May Concern.” This shows you have taken time to do your homework and you have an offer that meets your prospect’s needs.

• Customize your email. Make sure your email is customized. For example, if you’re sending out a group email, personalize the contact and company names. Otherwise, your email may feel like spam and your contact may write you off from the get go.

• Don’t forget to follow up. Gould says, “Seventy percent of the people I cold-email don’t initially respond after my first message. Important people get lots of emails and sometimes forget to respond or the email gets lost in their inbox.”

A successful email campaign includes excellent follow-up. Gould says his formula for follow up is to reach out three times before giving up. Perhaps there is something to the adage, “Three times is a charm.”

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