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Email Marketing Strategy – The Softly, Softly Approach

Sally Ormond
Jan 16th, 2015
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    1When your recipient doesn't know you, you're spam. 2Offer valuable information repeatedly to gain trust. 3Don't pitch until the relationship is established.
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Email Marketing

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Don’t worry, I’m not just singling you out, most businesses do exactly the same.

You see, email marketing has developed a bad name over the years.

Your in box is probably a good illustration of why.

How many spam emails do you have to delete every morning? Tens? Hundreds? Thousands?

There lies the problem – because email marketing is so easy, companies send them out blindly without thinking about the recipient.

Who are you emailing?
I’m going to pause there for a moment and consider the person who’s in box your email lands.

Marketing-Spam word on front of newspaper stackWhy did you send it to them?

Have they opted in to your mailings? If the answer is yes, they probably want to hear from you and therefore open minded about your email.

If you don’t know them because they are on a list you’ve bought in, the chances are they’ll treat your email as spam and delete it, especially if you dive in with a sales pitch.

What are you emailing?

So, you’ve sent a sales pitch – there lies another problem.

Regardless of whether the recipient has opted in or not, they are unlikely to welcome your pitch with open arms.

Firstly, they may not want what you’re trying to sell. Secondly, they’re probably too busy to read it and thirdly, they’re not going to buy from you just because you’ve emailed them.

As with all forms of marketing, sales only happen once trust has been established. For that to happen your (potential) customers want to be wooed.

They want you to give them something to show them you’re a great company to deal with. I’m not talking about jewels or a Caribbean holiday, but something along the lines of unsolicited help, advice and tips.

The softly, softly approach

Your email campaign has to start at the beginning.

You’ve got to introduce yourself and offer information that your customers value. Giving helpful tips and advice will go much further than a voucher for 10% off an order. After all, they may make the order just to grab the discount, but that doesn’t mean they’ll come back again. They’ll probably wait for one of your competitors to do the same and buy from them.

But if you take the time to offer them some advice or tips that will help them save money, time etc., they will remember how helpful you’ve been and look out for future emails from you.

Gradually, introduce them to what you can offer them, being careful to make sure you continue to add value to your growing relationship through great information, Then, once your relationship has started to blossom, you can throw in a pitch (cushioned by yet more information).

Remember, trust and sales don’t just happen.

You must give your customers a reason for buying from you – and not just a flaky discount. Lasting relationships take time and stamina.

This article was written by Sally Ormond, owner of Briar Copywriting.

Since 2007, Briar Copywriting has been working with companies (ranging from SMEs to blue chip clients) across a broad range of industries, creating powerful eye-catching copy.