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Effective Innovative Ideas for HR

Tom Donovan
Jan 13th, 2015
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    1Seek out, don't wait for, the best person. 2If you hire a "Yes" person, the business won't grow. 3Hire skills, not personalities.
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Human Resources

Human Resource-Choosing the right person to hire in magnifying glass Photo Credit: Nonnakrit Shutterstock

Innovation is often spoken about in business meetings, but for the most part the true meaning of innovation in terms of how to apply it is often misunderstood. Understanding the importance of innovation for businesses lies in the foundation of building it through your company starting with your Human Resources department.

Innovative human resource management consists of hiring new employees who bring new ideas, methods and procedures to your work environment that keeps your business ahead of the competition. All too often Human Resources is the last department to undergo any type of reform that brings innovation to the workplace. But the truth is that innovative ideas for HR can make the difference in keeping your company ahead of its competition.

Here are a few innovative ideas of HR that can overhaul and broaden the focus of this all too often overlooked department. Innovative human resource management starts with the people who do the hiring for you.

Reach Out: The days of placing an ad and having the best people striding through the door are over with. Your HR department needs to reach out to the places where the best employees can be found. Through partnerships with universities, training schools or other educational institutions that create innovative minds. Make your presence known at these places and gear your advertising to reach them.

Hire Out of the Box Thinkers: Perhaps the biggest setback business engage in is hiring individuals who think most like the management. You don’t want yet another “Yes” person, you need people who think outside the box and come up with new methods, ideas and solutions to help your company compete. The goal should be to hire people that do NOT fit the company profile. Often this does not happen because such people don’t “fit in” or they may be “unlikable”. The truth is that if you hire people who think like everyone else in the company, the business will soon stop growing.

Question Effectively: All too often in the interview process questions are asked to divine the employee’s “personality” rather than their actual ability to think. You need to craft your questions to get answers that reveal how an employee sees a situation and arrives at a solution. It doesn’t need to be complex, it just needs to reveal how an employee would handle situations, address issues and come up with new ideas when needed.

Emphasize Rewards: To attract the right people, you need to create a rewards package for innovative thinking. It doesn’t have to be grandiose or even expensive, but it does need to convey the importance of coming up with new ideas and rewards to offer motivation. Often, a single small idea can save a company thousands of dollars or a new way to performing a procedure can shave hundreds of hours off production time. These are the types of innovations that should be encouraged.

When you are trying to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive world, bringing innovation to your Human Resources department can greatly assist you in staying on top and not becoming stale and losing your way.

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