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Don’t Rush Hiring Decisions: Find the Right Person

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    1Hiring the right salespeople takes time. 2The person must be a fit for the company culture. 3No amount of training can remedy a bad hire.
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Most sales managers at some point will find themselves in the painful position of having to let someone they’ve hired go. Award-winning author Keith Rosen’s advice: to avoid the stress associated with firing people, you should rethink your hiring practices.

Rosen writes on Hubspot’s blog, “Most of the time, sales reps don’t work out because they were never the right fit to begin with. They’re getting fired mostly because they should have never been hired in the first place!”

Why managers should “hire slow”:

1. Hiring should be based on choice, not on need.

Rosen warns managers not to rush into hiring out of desperation. Managers are often under pressure to quickly fill positions to cover a vacant territory or to meet sales quotas.

These deadlines create pressure and they begin to lower the manager’s initial hiring standards.

As “the pressure intensifies,” the manager, who began the hiring process looking for “non-negotiable qualities and traits,” ends up settling for less.

2. Rushing the process erodes integrity.

Rosen advises managers not to allow the pressures of management to dilute their hiring criteria.

“Taking shortcuts and omitting the necessary steps in the hiring process compromises your staffing objectives as well as your standards of professionalism and excellence,” he writes.

3. The cost of compromising your standards is high.

The author points out that because most sales managers are loath to give up on a bad hire, they often invest a great deal of time in coaching someone who is not working out.

Rosen suggests that instead of letting this one person consume all your energy, you need to move on and let the employee go. “The bottom line is: You can’t make the wrong hire the right fit,” he says.

“Hire Slow. Fire? No!”

In summary, Rosen says that managers who “hire slow” and choose candidates who meet their highest standards will save time and money in the long run.

Hiring the wrong person under pressure only adds hours of wasted time and stress to a manager’s already busy schedule. And eventually, they will have to face the unhappy task of firing an employee.

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