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Content Marketers: Uncover your Customer’s Problems

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    1Spark a new thought in the customer. 2Introduce a disruptive idea, altering views. 3Teach customers something new about their business.
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“The most effective content marketing must have two qualities: it must teach customers something new about their business and it must motivate them to act on that information,” advises Patrick Spenner in an article published on CEB Blogs.

To accomplish this in a compelling way, a good B2B content marketing campaign should include the following.

Three Stages:

  1. It sparks a customer to think differently about how something works in their business or industry.
  2. It introduces a disruptive idea that changes a customer’s understanding of the topic.
  3. It confronts the customer with the disruptive idea in the customer’s terms.”

A successful campaign addresses a problem or challenge faced by your customer and then offers a solution. This will require homework and preparation.

An example of the three stages:

1. If you are targeting ultrasound manufacturers, you might discover that this industry has a high level of carpal tunnel syndrome among workers. As a result, workers often call in sick. A savvy marketer can begin to search for and a find solutions to the problem.

2. In this case, Spenner writes, you may learn that the carpal tunnel problem is caused more by the ultrasound equipment than by the hand and wrist motions.

3. Through your research you conclude that that lighter, ergonomically designed equipment will dramatically reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel. This could be invaluable new information for your client and set you apart from the competition.

The author emphasizes that to be successful, your content marketing campaigns should speak to the needs of customers by offering real solutions to problems.

To view the original article in its entirety, please visit CEB Blogs.

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