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Commenting on Blogs in Order to Create Lead Generation

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Jul 27th, 2015
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    1Add value to the original post. 2Uplift the host blog and gain exposure. 3Stay on topic.
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While there are many ways to get leads for your online business, providing valid commentary on other people’s blogs can open doors to many new audiences all over the world.

This practice produces a positive outcome that benefits everyone involved. The host blog is grateful that you have taken the time to add value to the content they have generated, and you get to promote your website while doing so.

Here are a few key elements to remember so that you will always be a welcome guest on other people’s blogs:

Stay on topic

Always make sure that you only comment on blogs that are topically relevant to your content. Also, make sure that every comment you make is completely on topic and adds more substance and value to the discussion.

By doing this, you positively promote your own content while adding to the information being presented by the host blog. This win-win situation is the desired outcome that you should always try to achieve when leaving commentary on another blog.

Do not spam

The main thing to remember is that one should not spam another’s blog. Any comment that is made needs to enhance the content of the blog and add to the discussion. If your commentary is not relevant to the conversation, then the host blog suffers along with your website.

Be polite

You should never be offensive or be rude when you are commenting on anyone’s blog. Remember that everything that you say will be associated with your website or blog, so it is always in your best interest to be considerate when posting to other blogs.

Most importantly, you should always thank the owner of the host blog for sharing their content and allowing you to post.

When you make appropriate comments that are polite, on-topic, and add essential information, you might even be asked to exchange links or be a guest blogger.

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